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The ctcLink Project is pleased to announce its new home for ctcLink CONNECT at SBCTC.edu.  This blog is no longer active. When the subscriber list is set up, you will be invited to resubscribe.

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WaveLink: Episode 10

Check out the latest video: WaveLink: Episode 10:

  • Meet the ctcLink/SBCTC Testing Team
  • See the process of how employees will request leave online in ctcLink


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WaveLink: Episode 9

Wave Link: Episode 9:

  • Meet ctcLink Trainer Gretchen Fulmer
  • See a bit more of the dashboard tool the project team and college project managers are using to track progress and measure go-live readiness
  • Here is the link again!
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Wave 1 Go-Live delay (and ctcLink Steering Committee)

You’ve most likely heard that the ctcLink Steering Committee recently recommended a delay to the 10/31/2016 Wave 1 go-live date. Why? The ctcLink/SBCTC finance team in particular has remained focused on assisting finance staff at the FirstLink (FLC) colleges (Tacoma and Spokane). The team provided several weeks of hands-on, on-site support at each FLC in May and June and they are now making themselves available remotely in July to assist Tacoma and Spokane staff with their first year-end close in ctcLink.

As a result, the finance team (and student financials) remains mostly unavailable for Wave 1 activities, which wasn’t anticipated when the Wave 1 implementation schedule was originally set.  The project and FLC finance teams are doing important and necessary work, but due to this schedule compression, committee members agreed the October date presented a significant risk and recommended delaying the launch date for Wave 1 (by about three months or whatever is determined as the next, best-available window to switch over to ctcLink). As a reminder, Wave 1 is Clark, Columbia Basin, Green River, Lower Columbia, Peninsula, Pierce and the SBCTC Office.

Project management is in the process of collecting feedback and information from key groups to provide an informed recommendation to the steering committee regarding a new go-live date for Wave 1 (with a special emphasis on what will work best for financial aid activities). The recommendation will go to the steering committee next week for review. Once approved, the new date will be announced.

Who is on the ctcLink Steering Committee? Click and see: ctcLink-Steering-Committee-Membership_July-2016

Committee membership is built around the system-wide Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC) organizational structure (WACTC, WACTC Commissions), along with other key representation, non-voting members and staff to the committee.


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WaveLink: Episode 8

In Wave Link: Episode 8:

  • Meet Christine Salvador, ctcLink project manager for the SBCTC office’s implementation of ctcLink.
  • See and hear what Wave 1 project managers and their teams are currently working on and talking about.
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WaveLink: Episode 6 and 7

Find out what’s going on with Wave 1!

Wave Link: Episode 6

  • Meet Sherry Felchlin, ctcLink project manager at Green River College
  • Configuration is underway for Wave 1 colleges. Jason previews the schedule. (Configuration is the process of process of making settings in PeopleSoft so the system performs in a way to meet colleges’ business requirements. While global settings are in place, there is a fair amount of local configuration to do for items that are unique to each college (building names/numbers, courses/classes, departments, etc.)
  • Get to know Earl Macom, Ciber’s HCM Functional Lead for ctcLink

Wave Link: Episode 7

  • Meet Eduardo Rodriguez, ctcLink project manager for Columbia Basin
  • Upcoming Wave 1 project activities and security training information for Wave 1
  • Get to know Teri Skelton, Finance Functional Analyst for SBCTC
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WaveLink: Episode 5

In this episode:

  • Meet Eli Hayes, ctcLink project manager at Lower Columbia College
  • Update from Wave 1 coordinator Jason Gordon about the Wave 1 Foundational Planning meeting and the upcoming Configuration activities on the Wave 1 Project Roadmap
  • Get to know Brian Lanier, lead of the Human Capital Management (HCM) pillar

Watch Wave Link: Episode 5 now!

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