August 24 go-live date confirmed for FirstLink colleges

Tacoma, Spokane and SBCTC leadership have reaffirmed their commitment to the August 24 go-live date for FirstLink colleges. That is the day Spokane, Spokane Falls and Tacoma community colleges will turn on and begin using the ctcLink (PeopleSoft) system.

“This is a monumental and momentous milestone, which we couldn’t have reached without the hard work and dedication from our project team; our implementation partner, Ciber, and their team; all the SBCTC IT Division staff in Bellevue and Olympia involved in the project; and especially the staff at our FirstLink colleges who constantly must juggle their ctcLink work along with their regular college duties,” said Project Director Barbara Martin. “I know it’s been a long and winding road, but we are so close and everyone’s involvement and input has made all the difference.”

With the August 24 go-live date confirmed, “cutover” begins right away, which is the process of cutting over from the old (legacy) system to the new ctcLink system. Cutover is the last step before go-live and includes a final extract of data from the old system, conversion into the new system and final testing of the new environment before it is turned on, among many other activities to ensure the system is ready to go for each college. The ctcLink project team will be heavily involved in these activities and the college subject matter experts will play a role in some of the activities as well.

In addition to cutover activities, FirstLink college staff members continue to be involved in training sessions, which will continue through August.

Stay tuned for more FirstLink go-live news and thanks again to everyone who has been involved in the ctcLink project.

About ctclinknews

ctcLink is the implementation of a single, centralized system of online functions to give students, faculty and staff anytime, anywhere access to a modern, efficient way of doing their college business. It's about much more than new software. As the current 35-year-old administrative system is replaced, colleges will also align their core business processes with the delivered software solution, making for streamlined, standardized practices across the 34-college system.
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One Response to August 24 go-live date confirmed for FirstLink colleges

  1. Michael Shaw says:

    I am excited for Spokane & Tacoma! I am sure they have mixed feelings of confidence and doubt and that the next few months will be very busy learning how to do things we somehow didn’t think of and understanding where things are and how to move them along in the system. Hopefully, there students are also prepared to be first implementers of this new revolution. Good luck to all my friends who going to make this change real!!

    —Michael Shaw, Seattle Colleges, Retired!

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