Spokane and Tacoma prepping for Nov 17 launch date

The FirstLink colleges (Spokane, Spokane Falls and Tacoma)  and the ctcLink project team have been involved in a flurry of activities as we march toward the rescheduled ctcLink go-live date of November 17.FLC SMEs-UAT Kickoff

Recently, more than 60 FirstLink College subject matter experts (SMEs) converged on the SBCTC Bellevue office to learn more about how the new system will work. Each SME group (Finance, Student Services, Financial Aid and HR/Payroll) had a chance to delve a little deeper into specific aspects and functionality of the PeopleSoft software. SMEs were also given the opportunity to reflect on the changes they see coming with ctcLink and how those changes may impact their day-to-day activities. Here are just a few of those comments:

Financial Aid:

  • I am much more comfortable with ctcLink than I was before these sessions.
  • I like that everything is combined into one system now!
  • Everything we do will change.


  • No more paper records!
  • One of the highlights was opening a virtual cashier office.
  • ctcLink is going to create accountability on all levels of the business processes and practices.
  • It’s more automated!


  • Building classes quarter-to-quarter looks much less cumbersome
  • There is still so much to learn and comprehend!
  • The whole PERC process is awesome! (Post Enrollment Requisite Checking)
  • I am as comfortable with ctcLink as can be expected for something that is changing our world as we know it.

HR/Payroll (HCM)

  • Huge change in procedures!
  • It seems very intuitive.
  • Love the Employee Self Service!
  • This will impact me in pretty much all ways, but it’s a good thing. We need a new system and have been waiting on getting one for a long time.

This week, Tacoma and Spokane jumped straight into User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which is scheduled through October 30. For the majority of UAT, testers will follow test scripts in a prescribed sequence by business process, with the goal of finding defects and problems that need to be fixed before we go live. The last couple weeks will be focused on “day in the life” testing, giving SMEs a chance to test their daily job activities and set up and run through their own test scenarios. Look for a UAT update and pictures of happy testers next week.

Meantime, check out these pictures from the recent FirstLink hands on sessions in Bellevue. Click on photo to enlarge.


About ctclinknews

ctcLink is a single, centralized system of online tools for student services and administrative functions for all 34 community and technical colleges in Washington. In the next several years, ctcLink will be implemented on every campus, providing online tools for everything from admissions to graduation. The first three ("FirstLink") colleges came online in August 2015. A wave of 8 more colleges (cleverly named "Wave 1") will switch over to the new ctcLink system in August 2016, followed by Wave 2 in 2017 and Wave 3 in 2018.
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