Project Management RFP update

Collegiate Project Services is the Apparent Successful Bidder for the ctcLink Project Management RFP.

Collegiate focuses all of its work in the higher education arena and has supported nearly 40 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations in the past 24 years. They have extensive experience and expertise delivering project management services in support of implementing complex business transformation efforts similar to the ctcLink project.

Collegiate will be responsible for overall project management services, including the project schedule, project management plan, budget and expenditure model, risk management, issues log management and change control management. The Collegiate consultant appointed to the project will work directly with project director Barbara Martin and the ctcLink and vendor project teams.

If you have a few minutes and some curiosity about ERP project planning in general, check out Collegiate’s online library of articles and tools related to ERP implementation:

About ctclinknews

ctcLink is a single, centralized system of online tools for student services and administrative functions for all 34 community and technical colleges in Washington. In the next several years, ctcLink will be implemented on every campus, providing online tools for everything from admissions to graduation. The first three ("FirstLink") colleges came online in August 2015. A wave of 8 more colleges (cleverly named "Wave 1") will switch over to the new ctcLink system in August 2016, followed by Wave 2 in 2017 and Wave 3 in 2018.
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