A glimpse of what’s to come…

The Vendor Evaluation and Scoring Team (VEST), along with teams of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have converged on Bellevue College for the first week of vendor demonstrations for ctcLink (our new, system-wide integrated information software system).

ctcLink VEST members (minus two, pictured below) took a quick break from the first week of vendor demos for a shot of sunshine and a group photo.
Back row: Bill Chaney, LWIT Director of Financial Aid; Linda Schoonmaker, CPTC Vice President of Finance; Bob Adams, SBCTC Project Management Office Director; Lisa Matye Edwards, LCC Vice President of Student Success; Dennis Colgan, HCC Executive Director of Administrative Technology; Mike Lock, Seattle District Director of Information Technology;
Front row: Reagan Bellamy, WVC Exec Director of HR; Susan Maxwell, Clark College Research Analyst; Barbara Martin, ctcLink Project Director and Tara Keen, ctcLink Process/Functional Manager.

Of the three finalists, Oracle is on deck this week, sharing its own (Oracle PeopleSoft) suite of administrative software products, along with their team’s overall project implementation plan.

“It’s great to be at this stage of ctcLink where we can actually see what a new software solution is going to mean—on the ground—for our students, our staff, and our system as a whole,” said Lisa Matye Edwards, VEST member and VP for Student Success at LCC. “It will be a long process of change, but well worth it in the long run. Processes that are currently manual and very time consuming will be streamlined, allowing us to focus more of our time and energy on students and their success.”

As administrators from FirstLink (pilot) Colleges, VEST members Silvia Barajas, VP of Admin Services at TCC and Janet Gullickson, President of Spokane Falls Community College, have an extra ‘VESTed” interest in the ctcLink vendor demonstrations.

The demonstrations were also opened up to CTC and SBCTC staff who wanted to watch the demos via streaming video from their campus. At times, there were nearly 200 separate visits to the video stream at once. While that amount of participation was great news to the ctcLink project team and the VEST/SME teams, that much traffic at once to the live video caused problems for viewers.

“I know it was frustrating for those of you out there trying to watch the demos on your campus,” said Barbara Martin, ctcLink Project Director. “We truly appreciate your time and interest and–where it’s possible and there’s enough interest–we’ve suggested colleges set up demo viewing rooms to cut back on the number of individual logins.”

“A big thank you to Bellevue College for hosting the demonstrations,” she added. “They’ve done an excellent job of troubleshooting all the issues–big and small–that we’ve encountered along the way.”

More opportunities to watch the demos!

  • Next week’s vendor, Ciber, is also proposing the Oracle/PeopleSoft software suite so we can expect the very same software demonstration next week for the Student, Finance and HR/Payroll modules
  • All sessions are being recorded and will be available to watch later. We’ll get links to the recordings to all the ctcLink College Teams for distribution on campus.

About ctclinknews

ctcLink is a single, centralized system of online tools for student services and administrative functions for all 34 community and technical colleges in Washington. In the next several years, ctcLink will be implemented on every campus, providing online tools for everything from admissions to graduation. The first three ("FirstLink") colleges came online in August 2015. A wave of 8 more colleges (cleverly named "Wave 1") will switch over to the new ctcLink system in August 2016, followed by Wave 2 in 2017 and Wave 3 in 2018.
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