Online, self-service enrollment for students

Here’s a quick glance at how online enrollment will work for students through Self Service in ctcLink. Also, after enrolling online with the steps described below, students will be able to pay online too!

Click now to check out Enrollment Using Student Self-Service!

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart in ctcLink


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Spotlight on new reporting tools this week

New reporting tools will be available as part of the ctcLink project and, this week, 16 people attended a PeopleSoft (PS) Query and Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher training to learn about these new tools and how they can be used.

PS Query Training

Click the photo to enlarge

Seats were limited for this initial training, so select ctcLink/SBCTC team members were invited along with some FirstLink (Tacoma and Spokane) subject matter experts. More training opportunities for PS Query and BI Publisher will be available in the near future in preparation for FirstLink colleges’ implementation of ctcLink in late August.

During the session, participants learned how to design queries and reports and use runtime prompts to allow users to choose relevant field values. They also learned BI Publisher is a robust template-based reporting solution that formats data from a query into a useful report layout.

TCC’s Robert Drake said the amount of functionality we will be gaining with these reporting tools is almost overwhelming. “Reports and data will be able to be pulled with a greater degree of accuracy,” he said. “And data will be presented in a manner that will be much more meaningful to everyone.”

Spokane CC’s Jo Burchell was pleasantly surprised that it was easier than she had thought it would be to pick up the relationship between current tools (DataX ) and how PS Query works. She said one of the exciting things about these tools is the ability to create dashboards that will contain current data.

“I learned a lot about PS Query and BI Publishing,” but, she added, “One of the best things to come out of all of this are the conversations we’re having amongst ourselves, the relationships we’re building, and discovering additional things we need to do to be prepared for report writing as we go forward.”

PS Query Training 2


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A bit about Room Scheduling (and some general FAQs)

Here’s another one from the “askctcLink” inbox:

How will classroom scheduling and event scheduling be handled in ctcLink?

Academic Room Scheduling will be a core application provided by SBCTC as part of the ctcLink project. Following a recent RFP process, CollegeNET was the successful vendor for this functionality.Their latest product release is called Series 25 and the Room Scheduling product is called 25 Live. 25 Live also includes Event Scheduling and each college will control the scope of what they intend to schedule through the tool: Academic Room Scheduling and Event Scheduling. There are no licensing limitations per campus with 25 Live. The vendor has strongly recommended that colleges wait until they go live with ctcLink before implementing and using 25 Live for Academic Scheduling, as it would be equal or almost equal to implementing the software twice. We will share more about room and event scheduling capabilities with 25 Live in the future.

question-mark1Have a question about ctcLink? Ask at

Also, if you are new to ctcLink or know somebody who is, these general ctcLink FAQs are a good introduction to the project and its background.

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Let the testing begin!

The ctcLink Testing Team is "so excited" testing has begun. Maureen Avery, ctcLink/SBCTC Testing Lead is at left and Ciber's Testing Lead, Tawana Williamson, is on the right.

The ctcLink Testing Team is “so excited” testing has begun. Maureen Avery, ctcLink/SBCTC Testing Lead is at left and Ciber’s Testing Lead, Tawana Williamson, is on the right.

The first round of Systems Integration Testing (SIT1) got underway last week, beginning with a SIT1 Kickoff Meeting for the ctcLink project team. Testing Leads Maureen Avery (SBCTC) and Tawana Williamson (Ciber) gave an overview of SIT1, who is involved, process, timing, and what will be tested in SIT1. It’s a long list, and worth the click if you’d like to get a better idea of what functions and processes will be tested. It’s pretty much everything!

“We’re going to find issues in testing and that’s a good thing,” Tawana said. “Now is the time to find defects and resolve them.”

Maureen Avery discusses the testing schedule and activities during the Systems Integration Testing (SIT1) kickoff meeting.

Maureen Avery discusses the testing schedule and activities during the Systems Integration Testing (SIT1) kickoff meeting.

In this first cycle of testing, Ciber team members will execute the test scripts, while SBCTC team members observe. Testing is driven by the Business Process Diagrams created during the business process sessions last summer and the scripts provide a step-by-step guide of actions/processes to test in the new system. In the next testing phase (SIT2), the SBCTC ctcLink team and the post-go-live support team will be more hands on, followed by User Acceptance Testing, which will expand to involve testers at FirstLink colleges (Spokane and Tacoma).

Yesterday marked week two of SIT1 and Tawana and Maureen reported that the testing room on the first floor at SBCTC Bellevue was full, with the Ciber team carrying out the testing and logging/fixing/retesting the defects, while the SBCTC functional team members observed in preparation for SIT2 in late April, early May.

Sherry Straud, ctcLink Student Financials Functional Analyst, observes SIT1 testing while Ciber's Paul Leung runs through a test script in Student Financials.

Sherry Straud, ctcLink Student Financials Functional Analyst, observes SIT1 testing while Ciber’s Paul Leung runs through a test script in Student Financials.

For those of you who have been involved in the project since we began, or even since the BPA sessions last summer, you know this is a big deal and quite a milestone given all the work that has been done to reach this point.

As Maureen and Tawana noted: There are a few special moments in a project like this where it’s good to pause, look around, and take stock of everything that has allowed us to get to this point. The kick-off of Systems Integration Testing (SIT) is one of those moments. We would like to thank the project team and everyone out there at the colleges and SBCTC who has completed the activities necessary to get us to this point.


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Faculty Center features in ctcLink

We have been getting lots of activity in the ‘askctclink’ inbox. Thanks for all your great questions.

Periodically, we’ll share one of your questions, and the answer, on the blog.
Here’s one now!

Q: Will faculty be able to send email communication to their classes via PeopleSoft? If so, will they be able to email classes individually and as a group?

A: Yes, in the Faculty Center, faculty will have the option of sending communications to individual students, or they may choose to send a communication to the entire group from their class roster.

In fact, there are many self-service features available to faculty in PeopleSoft’s Faculty Center. Here’s an overview of some Faculty Center features, with a focus on the grading process.

Just think…with winter quarter soon coming to a close, Spokane and Tacoma will be using the old grading system just a couple more times before transitioning to ctcLink and the new Faculty Center in fall 2014. (Training on the essential functions in Faculty Center will be available to faculty at FirstLink colleges prior to the end of this spring quarter, with additional training opportunities slated for fall quarter).

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Some Self-Service features on the way…

Many of you have seen or heard about the self-service features that will be available to students, faculty and staff once ctcLink is implemented. Imagine being able to log in to the system and update your own personal information, change your W4 form online or review your benefits summary. Or, a student being able to update their own contact information online, check their financial aid status, register and pay for classes, and even check their graduation status, at any time.

Can’t sleep? You’ll be able to access the self-service features from anywhere, day or night. That’s especially great for students, since many of them do the bulk of their college work in the middle of the night.

Here’s an overview of some of the Self-Service features that will be available once ctcLink is implemented on your campus. You may have seen these during a Wave Kickoff event or within a ctcLink presentation at a commission or council meeting, but here they are, all in one place, to review and share as you wish.

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ctcLink Winter 2014 newsletter is here!

The ctcLink Winter 2014 Newsletter is ready for you to read, share, post, and print if you’d like.

In this issue you’ll get answers to questions such as:

  • What is SIT? And what do sausage and airplanes have to do with it?
  • Who did the SBCTC Board members visit on Feb 5?
  • What’s been going on with the ctcLink project the last few months?
  • What are Wave One colleges already doing to prepare for their May 2015 ‘go-live’ date?
  • Is this word-scramble game supposed to be easy?

Enjoy! ctcLink Winter 2014 Newsletter

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